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Video Game Movies Good BAD and WTF IS THAT? / Will we all be working from home in the future?

February 23rd, 2020

We are all hopeful when we see are favorite video game gets a movie adaptation. Then we see the end product and we are not so hopeful anymore but is there some good ones out there? On this episode will get into the good the bad and the WTF is that of video game movies.

On the second half will get into the concept of working from home and are we all going to be working from home in the future.

Will be talking about this and the latest in Gaming, Tech and Pop Culture news headlines.

What is the Future of Cloud Gaming / Self Driving Cars

February 16th, 2020

Cloud Gaming has been trying to be the one gaming solution for a long time now but is it finally getting some where with the new GeForce Now Cloud Gaming?

Self Driving Cars do seem to be the future and we are seeing them in every major city but regulations or lack of them are holding things back. Will get into what we see for the future of self driving cars and how soon we could see them everywhere.

Will be talking about this and the latest in Gaming, Tech and Pop Culture news headlines.


Back Log of Games / How Google is Always Tracking You

February 7th, 2020

We all have a back log of games we never get to for one reason or another. The question is what is in our back log, why and how to we deal with our back log.

Then on the other have of the Podcast a Artist created a fake traffic jam with 99 phones in a little red wagon. Will get in to how google is tracking your every step and is it a good thing or a bad thing.

Will be talking about this and the latest in Gaming, Tech and Pop Culture news headlines.


Atari-Themed Gaming Hotels / Why Upgrade to a 5G Phone

February 2nd, 2020

Atari-themed gaming hotel are coming but why do people want them. Why do people love the nostalgia of Retro Games? We also ask what Retro Games we come back to from time to time.

On the second half of the Podcast why you should or should not upgrade to a 5G phone. Is future proofing a thing with how oven people upgrade to a new phone? Then what movies are we looking forward to in 2020. 

That and some of the top headlines in the Gaming and Technology on the this episode of the Podcast.  

Are Delayed Games a Good Thing? / Has Face Recognition Gone too Far?

January 23rd, 2020

This week will get into all the delayed games in 2020 so far. How do we feel about delayed games? Does this help the end product? What happens when a game is released and should have been delayed? What about the developers putting in countless hours to make a great game they will be known for. 

We also ask has there been a good wrestling game since No Mercy on the N64?


On the Second half of the Podcast we get into the history of face recognition and is it a good thing or does it hurt personal privacy. Should the public and corporations have access to face recognition technology. We also see now people making wearables to block face recognition, so what does the future hold for this tech.


Have you ever wondered if you go to another dimension when your dreaming? Well, some scientists think that this may be the case.


That along with some of the top headlines in Gaming and Tech on this episode of the Podcast.

Steam Could Be On the Xbox Series X / Colin Trevorrow ‘Star Wars’ Script Leaks

January 19th, 2020

This we got a few new Trailer for Doom Eternal and Resident Evil 3 Remake. If your a betting man and love Final Fantasy Tactics, well we may the perfect Twitch Chanel for you.

Then on the Tech Side Samsung Galaxy S20 Leaks. The Morbius Trailer Drop and we have got a glimpse of what Star Wars Episode 9 would have look like under Colin Trevorrow.

That and more on this episode of the getTekt Podcast

Arcade1Up is bringing NBA Jam back with online multiplayer / Its all about CES!!

January 12th, 2020

This week Arcade1Up is bringing back NBA Jams with online multiplayer. Leaks are coming out again that we are getting a Nintendo Switch Pro in 2020. PS5 and the Xbox are around the corner so lets compare the specs we know so far.

On the Tech Side its all about the best tech of CES 2020 from Wall sized TV to Smart Toilet.

That and more on this episode of the getTekt Podcast

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Demo Leak / Disney’s Plans for the future of Star Wars

January 5th, 2020

On this episode of the Final Fantasy 7 demo leaks. The P.T. Demo has an outside. Redbox will no longer be renting games.

On the second half theres is some leak photos of a new Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. Everything we know about Intel’s (10th Gen) Comet Lake S Desktop Lineup. Deadpool 3 is coming but will it keep its R rating? Then at the end what are Disney's Plans for the Star Wars franchise now that the Skywalker Sega is over. 

That and more on this episode of the getTekt Podcast

Let’s take a look back at the DECADE!!!

December 20th, 2019

This Week will be taking a look back at a decade in Gaming, Technology, Science and Pop Culture. What is the best game of the decade? How about the best movie? The most important scientific discovery. Will cover all of this in this episode and the future if the getTekt Media Group and everything we have done up till this point.

Remember while it is up for a limited time you can can watch the full video uncut of this podcast at 

It’s the 200th Episode of the getTekt Podcast!!!

December 14th, 2019

This week we take a look at all we have done over these past years. Will get into some of the funniest moment on the show, everyone favorite moments and some of the most strangest moments.

Then what is up for the future of the show, how might it change in the 5th season of the getTekt Podcast.

The getTekt Media group will all so be starting a new podcast in the New Year.

Remember if you want to watch the live recorded video head over to