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Are Delayed Games a Good Thing? / Has Face Recognition Gone too Far?

January 23rd, 2020

This week will get into all the delayed games in 2020 so far. How do we feel about delayed games? Does this help the end product? What happens when a game is released and should have been delayed? What about the developers putting in countless hours to make a great game they will be known for. 

We also ask has there been a good wrestling game since No Mercy on the N64?


On the Second half of the Podcast we get into the history of face recognition and is it a good thing or does it hurt personal privacy. Should the public and corporations have access to face recognition technology. We also see now people making wearables to block face recognition, so what does the future hold for this tech.


Have you ever wondered if you go to another dimension when your dreaming? Well, some scientists think that this may be the case.


That along with some of the top headlines in Gaming and Tech on this episode of the Podcast.